Sunday Sweetness-Embroidery

I love embroidery. It is one of my favorite things to do. I always have a few unfinished projects sitting on my desk. Here is some of my favorite embroidery inspiration from Etsy!
Pretty Rompers by Cake Eaters
 This little fox by Erin F
 The cuckoo clock by Gracey May
This one might be my favorite... Bowie by Monica
 Pretty vintage lady by Oh My Dandelion 
 This cute little "bake" embroidery by cjstitchery 
 I love the fun feeling this one has. lets go by merriweathercouncil
Some great lakes love... by mymarigold
Hope your weekend was great!


Tulle Skirt DIY

Today I wanted to share with everyone how to make a super simple skirt that is fun to wear!
What you'll need: Tulle fabric in your color of choice at least 50 inches wide, Scissors, and a sewing machine!
1.Measure between 5 and ten inches of tulle to use for the waist band. Measure the length to fit at your waist plus some excess to use for tying.
2. Cut waistband fabric.
3. Fold tulle width in half.
4. Measure skirt fabric so that it wraps around you twice and then cut. Leave folded
5. Measure about an inch and a half away from the fold line. sew the entire length of the fabric on this line.
6. Mark where the excess fabric starts.
7. Thread your waistband fabric through your newly sewn waistband.
8. Sew the skirt to the waist fabric at the excess line.
Your all done! Make sure it fits and trim loose threads!
I cant wait to wear this skirt when I go out with some cute heels. Its such a statement piece!


2012 Stationary

I am not one for new years resolutions. I am really just not committed enough keep up with them. I do always have a list of goals that are floating around. New year new goals! I made this stationary to write all my goals down on and I thought I would share with you to write yours down too!

Just click on the stationary that you want and it will enlarge onto its own screen, then save image to your computer and print it out!